Artist in Residence

For a long time I’ve wanted to take part in an artist in residency, however I’ve never found one that is a good fit for me simply due to my work/daily responsibilities. In the fall of 2017 I had an epiphany that if I love this idea so much I should just create my own opportunity and set it up under parameters that work with my schedule. Voila! A kind of DIY Artist in Residency was created.

What is an Artist in Residence (AIR)?

In general terms, an AIR is a partnership between an organization and an artist. Every AIR is unique, but it usually begins with an organization (ranging from all manners of businesses and non-profits) creating an opportunity for an artist(s) to work within the operations’ location or space for a set amount of time, and usually with a framework or agreement between the two parties about the end goal of the AIR. There is a huge range of benefits for the parties involved:

  • for the artist it is an opportunity and permission to explore something outside of their regular realm of creating – or to dive further in on a project they already have in mind. Sometimes it gives them access to larger studio space or access to information and resources that they can use to inform their artwork;
  • for the residency host organization it is an opportunity to have an artist learn, interpret, reimagine or reframe an aspect of their physical location, philosophy and/or community and is it extremely valuable to show openness to creative collaboration and engagement, which leads to all sorts of unanticipated opportunities;
  • for the community/viewer it is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by a totally unique creative partnership; for aha moments to exist where they may not have before and to feel welcome and engaged with the organization and the artist in a unique manner.

In short, an AIR is an invitation for a creative dialogue, a win-win-win scenario. Check out the Artist in Residence drop down menu above to learn more about who I am working with right now and what my goals are with this year’s project.

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