Spirit Whales

There is no denying that whales hold a special significance for most people. Whether you’ve had an unexpected close encounter (like me!), you have seem them from afar, have had dreams of them, or simply admire their wisdom and grace, whales seem otherworldly yet somehow easy to connect with – perhaps they are a reflection of our best qualities.

In this series the whales are frequently passing through or transitioning from one space to another, calmly, slowly and peacefully. They are giant peaceful introverts, wisely taking it in and flowing through, thriving in whatever space they find themselves in.

Please note that there are many whales in my studio that never make it onto my website. If you are interested in having your own Sarah Ronald whale, please email me and I would be happy to let you know which ones are currently available. I am also happy to make one in a special size if needed. Sarah@sarahronald.com