Gratitude CV

Nobody does it alone.

I’ve always appreciated knowing how people get to do what they do , ’cause no one gets to be awesome all on their own. So, I’ve decided to start a new kind of CV, one showing gratitude for those organizations or groups who have supported my art practice in some way. There are so many to add but have started in 2018 otherwise this will turn into a novel. Here goes:

  • April 2018: Thank you to Douglas Collage / Envision financial for including my artwork in their student promo video for the Port Moody Arts Centre.
  • March 2018: Thank you to Jamie and Tara of Thrive Mastermind for first of all creating THRIVE, and second off giving female artists the opportunity to speak about their WHY as part of their Thrive Talks. I participated in their March 22, 2018 session in North Vancouver and it was a fantastic experience. I’ve received wonderful feedback following the event and had a trans-formative experience through the process.
  • March 2018: Thank you to Kim & Shawn of Fox & Bee Studio for including my animal drawings in their Spirits of the Creek video for the Cumerbland Community Forest Society. View the video online, and see if you can spot my animals within the forest and creek.
  • March 2018: Thank you to Opus Framing & Art Supplies for inviting me to be the ‘cover artist’ for the March newsletter. I was honoured to be asked and had a wonderful experience working with photographer Ryan Mund on the studio photos. Here’s a shot of the newsletter for kicks:

  • February 2018: Thank you to Janice Cotter at the Port Moody Arts Centre for aligning my exhibition up with fellow Thrive Mastermind member April Lacheur‘s exhibition. It was a great pairing and I am so happy that Janice was able to put us together at the same time. Also thank you to April for getting a formal proposal together in the first place.

(pre-2018 random thanks as I think of them):

  • Ongoing thank you to Seymour Art Gallery for continuing to support my slowly growing art business by including me in group shows, random opportunities, gift shop sales, ongoing loveliness {yes, I’ve decided that’s a thing to be quantified}, and of course my 2017 solo exhibit. Having a great relationship with a community gallery like you is amazing and incredibly important.
  • Ongoing thank you to Caitey Gilchrist Creative for her ongoing support behind the scenes (as in the stuff I need sound boarding and technical support on).