Here’s an overview of how commissions and special projects work. Any additional questions please let me know.

  1. To begin, the client fills in the online form on the Commissions page (or you can email me the required info directly: As an artist I’m genuinely interested in the details, symbolism, and things that are significant to you - what pops first into mind when you think about it? How did you feel? Why is this animal or animal experience so important to your life?

  2. Next, you’ll hear from me with any additional questions and a general timeline for the project just to make sure this will be a good fit for both of us. Note that I aim to finish commission projects in 3 to 4 weeks after the sketch/concept is agreed upon, but it can vary based on my seasonal workload and deadlines. If you have a specific date that you need the piece done by this is when I need to know.

  3. Assuming we both feel excited about proceeding, I will send a basic contract outlining my commission terms & conditions (project overview, payment schedule, framing options, shipping arrangements, copyright, cancellations, etc.) At this point a 50% deposit is required. PayPal or E-transfer, whatever works best for you. *Note that I am open to splitting payments further if desired - I know that buying an original work of art can be an investment and I definitely don’t want to put up any barriers for those who value original art collecting! Just note that I won’t physically begin making the artwork until the full 50% deposit has been received.

  4. PHOTOS / REFERENCE: I’ll ask for some reference images via email or dropbox. This might be your very own photos, or it might just be images online that help capture the experience. It can include people in the image however my preference as an artist is to allude to humans with my work. See reference images on the original Commissions page as samples.

    To be clear, through this process of providing reference images, you are inspiring me to create an art piece through my artists lens and style, it will be a piece that represents your experience. I encourage you to take a look at my website and let me know if you have a favourite piece or two that you would like me to keep in mind for your commission. If you happen to know where you want to install the finished piece, send me a photo of that room too as it might help me in visualizing the project.

  5. Before I start making the actual art piece I’ll send you a rough sketch or digital concept showing what I am thinking for the design. This is where you can ask for some changes if something isn’t quite what you had in mind. Once we are on the same visual design page and the 50% deposit is paid in full, I’ll get started with creating.

  6. Around the half way point I will send a quick email with update photos so you can see where things are at.. When completed I will send you photos of the finished piece (pre resin/framing). If there are any little details that are going to drive you totally nuts every time you look at the piece, this will be your final opportunity to get it fixed!

  7. Once the work is finished I will send you the final invoice. After receiving payment I’ll provide you with a shipping tracking number and/or make the delivery arrangements. If you are local to me I am happy to deliver and install the work in your home or office for a small additional fee.

Does all of this sound reasonable and fair? GREAT!

Let’s begin!