Collaborative art project


This 2012 ‘restoration’ the fresco "Ecce Homo" by 19th century painter Elias Garcia Martinez, is what got me pondering the whole idea of art and what happens when an outside contributor alters it. This restored version (right side) is now a huge tourist attraction and the elderly Spanish woman who did the ‘restoration’ work apparently is asking for royalties now. Here’s a link to more info about this fresco fiasco!

Collaborative art project logo.jpg

A brand new project that I’ve been wanting to start for several years, I am happy to finally launch it in fall 2019. In brief, I am looking to work with a handful of participants through the mail on creating collaborative art pieces.

If you are interested in the possibilities of working collaboratively through the medium of visual art (and the mail), I’d love to chat further with you to see if we’d make a good team!


This project is about working collaboratively with others through the mail. Because I am still in the early stages and not sure how many people will be interested in working in this way, I have sorted out a really rough framework, as follows:

  1. Interested collaborators should contact me to let me know that they want to participate and why. Email: I’m looking for participants who are open to the process, willing to put in their skills but also be conscious that changes may be done to their own contribution (including erasing, painting over, additions, and other changes). Most importantly, I want to work with people who wont fight the process along the way and who will be receptive to whatever happens.

  2. If you want to proceed I ask that you pay a small participation fee of $20 through my online shop (I’ll send you a link). Please note that this helps cover my startup costs of materials, shipping of the initially started piece over to you, plus the pre-paid return envelope so you can send it back after you have done your part.

  3. I’ll mail you the partially started work on paper.

  4. After you receive the package and make your contribution(s), you simply send it back to me. If you are on social media you can snap a picture and tag #collabwithsarahronald

  5. Once I receive it I will review and determine if I can to add something else to it (or not), and figure out next steps (scan, photograph it, frame it? tbc). In some cases we may send a piece back and forth multiple times before we decide it is finished.

Interested? Shoot my an email!