My art is inspired by wild animals adapting to unexpected challenges linked to human activity. I have always loved using a lot of colour in my artwork, however as my art practice has grown the use of colour has become more purposeful; the colour in my work is to symbolize the amount of evolution, or ‘degrees of enlightenment’ that an animal has experienced in order to survive; the more colourful an animal, the more change they have gone through. I enjoy layering elements of spirituality, conservation, self-identity, and storytelling.

I grew up in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, and obtained my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Okanagan University in Kelowna. After living and in Vancouver for several years I finally settled with my husband and two beagles in Port Coquitlam, on the southern west coast of British Columbia. I currently work from my private home studio, which we created as the ‘first order of business’ when we purchased our house in 2015.

On our suburban property I enjoy creating and enhancing garden spaces for the birds, butterflies, bees and fauna that frequent my yard. My drawings and mixed media pieces are often inspired by the wild animals that I see outside of my studio window, as well as those transient wild animals that meander through my suburban neighborhood. Seeing a bear or coyote walking down the sidewalk is a highlight in my day as it shows that the displaced animal has a sense of how to navigate in our human-centric environments.

Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of arts related environments, including galleries, art centres, art supply stores, doing contract work teaching art and examining art students, and have even run a few little side businesses doing custom sublimation printing, window & mural painting and a range of temporary community art events and installations at pop up events. I currently work part time at the City of Port Moody as a theatre coordinator and spend the rest of my time in the studio. In early 2018 we added a 3D printer to our in-studio equipment and you can expect to see this unique means of making creative things play into my practice.

I have been involved with Thrive Art Studio in their Mastermind group since 2016, and enjoy the community, the support, the opportunities and the inspiration that comes from this all-female group of entrepreneurial women artists.

I sell my work through my online outlets (online shop & social media), at exhibitions and shows, and through my retail outlets. Thanks to these outlets my artwork is in private collections around the world.

To learn more about my art practice and exhibits, I invite you to follow along on Instagram, see my activities on Facebook, and sign up for my sorta- seasonal newsletter.

Have a project, special request or recommendation for a new outlet or show opportunity? Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!


Photo credit: Laara Cerman