Sarah Ronald with one of her fox drawings in 2017

Sarah Ronald with “Things We Try To Keep” fox drawing, installed at an exhibition at Seymour Art Gallery in early 2017.

Sarah Ronald’s drawings and paintings emerge from her ongoing internal creative process where she juxtaposes and then weaves together personal experiences and external influences. Creating art which at its core is an examination of the human experience, Sarah is always evaluating and playing her own devil’s advocate through the process. Often comparing her personal sentiments and experiences with the perceived expectations of contemporary world, the concepts behind Sarah’s recent works delve into matters around self-identity in relation to animalism, consumer/commercialism, feminism, and the ephemeral.

Sarah’s work is visually quite varied, from drawing and painting to collage, mixed media and even some installation and community projects – not all are reflected on her website. Although her work can be quite varied, a significant part of her creative process is choosing mediums that align with the concept of the work being created.

Currently living in Port Coquitlam, Sarah moved to the west coast after growing up in Summerland and studying art in Kelowna (in the south-central Okanagan region of British Columbia). Over the last ten years Sarah has been carving out a path towards being a fully independent artist. She has participated in a range of group and solo exhibitions, sat on an array of arts boards and committees, and has been an active arts participant in her own community and several communities around the Lower Mainland. She has fulfilled multiple private commissions and her work be can be found in private collections throughout North America and abroad.