I grew up in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, and in 2001 received my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Okanagan University in Kelowna. After living and working in Vancouver for several years my husband and I purchased our home (with art studio) in Port Coquitlam.

In early 2019 I made the leap to pursue my art practice full time. The decision to pursue this lifelong goal came about after the very impactful passing of my canine-son Bruno in the fall of 2018. Bruno always wanted to be in the studio with me, he always tried to guide me into it when I was home. He knew that the studio is my happy place.

Through Bruno (and the experience of losing this little soul mate) I learnt a lot about myself, my compassion for animals, and my ability to connect deeply with another species.

My drawings and mixed media pieces are often inspired by the wild animals that I see outside of my studio window, and those transient wild animals that travel through my suburban neighborhood. Seeing a bear or coyote walking down the sidewalk is a highlight in my day as it shows that the displaced animal has a sense of how to navigate in our human-centric environments.

Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of arts related environments, including galleries, art centres, art supply stores, doing contract work teaching art and examining art students, and have even run a few little side businesses including custom sublimation printing, window & mural painting and a range of temporary community art and installations at pop up events. I sell my work online, at exhibitions, and through my retail outlets.

I am currently starting to work on my next big series, one that will be focused on conservation and human nature, drawing similarities between humans and animals in my effort to use art to inspire change and compassion in others.