This installation is a visual record of the number of bears destroyed and the number of bears sent for rehabilitation on a monthly basis in BC, from October 2015 to September 2016.

Each plate is titled with the month, the year, the number of bears destroyed (shown in black), and the number of bears sent for rehabilitation (in gold) in that month.

These human-wildlife conflict statistics are recorded by BC Conservation Officers and are published monthly, available on the Province of BC website.

Bear cubs that get designated for rehabilitation specifically in the lower mainland are sent to Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley. Depending on the age of the cub, the costs of rehabilitation for a single bear can run between $5,000 and $10,000, sometimes more. Critter Care aims to release the mature cubs back into the wild in the spring after hunting season so that they have a chance at survival.

The plates on display here may be purchased, please note however that each is finished with charcoal - you literally cannot interact with the piece without getting your hands dirty. The artist portion of any sales of pieces in this ongoing series will be provided to Critter Care Wildlife Society.

The price of each plate is based on the total number of bears reported on it, for example: “October 2015 133-8” (141 total bears @ $2.00 per bear) costs $282.00; “February 2016 8-0” (8 total bears @ $2.00 per bear) costs $16.00; “September 2016 189-9” (198 total bears @ $2.00 per bear) costs $396.00.

Alternatively you can sponsor a bear cub at Critter Care Wildlife Society for $250.00 and you will receive a very sincere thank you and tax receipt from them (

If you aren’t able to contribute financially, keep in mind that eliminating bear attractants in your neighborhood has no costs (to you or the bears).